EMS Information


Chantry Vets are a committed provider of EMS placements for future UK Veterinary Graduates.  We offer training placements for all levels of Veterinary Students from our Alverthorpe Hospital and Castleford Centre.


We aim to provide good quality, structured EMS placements with plenty of opportunities to get involved and gain ‘hands on’ experience.  Students are encouraged to join in with clinical discussions, observe consultations and ‘scrub in’ with operations (where appropriate for your year of study). 


Our Qualified Nurses are also happy to provide tutoring with IV work, including arterial sampling.  We offer excellent facilities and provide a wide range of services across our branches, to give our Students a comprehensive experience of a modern, Small Animal Practice.

Our Senior Veterinary Surgeons at both sites are experienced clinicians and excellent tutors.  We recommend that Students split their time with us between the two sites to gain experience in the following areas:


Alverthorpe Veterinary Hospital:

Cardiology Work Ups

Specialised Orthopaedics (TTA, Fracture Repair etc)

Medical Work Ups including Ultrasonography and Endoscopy

IV Work, including Arterial sampling

Consultations & Clinical Discussion

Digital Radiography reading

Advanced Imaging MRI/CT


Castleford Veterinary Centre:


Neutering (inc Practical Tutoring)


BAER Testing

Consultations & Clinical Discussion

Radiography Reading


If you would like to be considered for a placement at Chantry Vets, please forward your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please include details of any particular areas of interest and any EMS placements done to date.



Testimonials from our Vet Students:


"My time spent at Chantry has definitely been the best EMS experience I have had. The vets and nurses are incredibly welcoming and are fantastic at letting you get involved; they have helped me to gain a lot more confidence, particularly with practical skills that you don't always have the chance to fully develop at Uni. Ultimately though, what really has set Chantry apart from any other placement is being made to feel like you are part of the team and that's definitely what I'll miss the most".
Alice Earnshaw, 5th Year Student, RVC

“I really enjoyed my time spent at Chantry Vets. You split your time between both a hospital and first opinion environment, which gives you a unique opportunity to get exposed to a variety of really interesting cases. In my time there I saw everything from routine spaying to echocardiograms and even a turtle! All of the nurses are very friendly and willing to teach plus answer your questions. The vets are also excellent at explaining even the more complex concepts and always made time for me, even though they were very busy at times. I was amazed at how much I had learnt in my time there and it really helped solidify the lecture content I had to digest at university".

Jade Thorpe, 3rd Year Student, Liverpool University


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Chantry Vets, especially my time scrubbed in doing surgeries. All the vets and nurses were great at taking their time to make me feel welcome and teach me about different cases and help with my practical skills. I learnt a lot during my placement".

Esther Henderson - 3rd Year Student , Edinburgh University


"I had a great placement at Chantry Vets. The staff were very welcoming, and I got to see a nice blend of interesting cases at the referral hospital, and more routine procedures at the first opinion practice. I learnt a lot and was allowed to practice and improve upon both my communication and practical skills. By the end of placement, I felt like one of the team".
Lucy Mandelj - 4th Year Student, Nottingham University

"My placement at Chantry Vets was a fantastic way to start EMS. The vets were all incredibly supportive and inclusive whilst dealing with cases. I was encouraged to get involved in practical tasks as well as pushed to think more critically about the cases that came in. Both they and the nurses were really friendly and happy to explain things even when they had a lot of other work to do! The whole team at Chantry made me feel really welcome and helped me learn so much more than I could have hoped"!
Hannach Leech - 4th Year RVC Student. 
"A Passion for Pets and their People"