~ Exotics Husbandry Clinics available! Do you own an exotic pet and want to ensure you are providing the correct housing, heating, diet etc? Pictured below is our Exotics Nurse Michelle Northrop-Walker RVN CertVNES SQP-C who offers dedicated Exotics clinics from our Alverthorpe Hospital. Michelle is available for appointments Monday-Friday and is happy to provide advice on a range of exotic species. Clinics cost £10.00 inclusive of VAT. Should you wish to book an appointment, please contact the Alverthorpe Hospital on 01924 362464.




~ We are delighted to announce that Senior Veterinary Surgeon Lisa Flood MVB MRCVS GPCertSAS PGCertSAS has successfully passed both her GP Certificate and PG Certificate in Surgery. Lisa works from our Alverthorpe Hospital and accepts internal and external referrals for advanced surgical cases. To further develop her skills, Lisa has also enrolled on a Post Graduate Certificate in Diagnostic Imaging which she will commence in January. Lisa is available for appointments during the week and on occasional weekends. Well Done Lisa, this is a fantastic achievement and the team are all very proud of you!


~ We would like to offer huge congratulations to Registered Veterinary Nurse Amy Griffiths FdSc RVN on successfully completing her BVNA wounds Certificate. Amy's certificate takes many months of study and means she is now the designated wound management nurse for the group. Amy will be consulted on relevant cases, with the primary aim of assisting our patients achieve optimal wound healing in the shortest possible time. Amy works between our Alverthorpe Hospital and our Pontefract Surgery. Well done Amy!



~ Halloween is approaching and many of us will have pumpkins, either on display or for making tasty treats. Many people are unaware that pets can experience pumpkin poisoning depending on the source of the plant material ingested. Pumpkins contain bitter tasting substances called (get your thinking caps on!) tetracyclic triterpenoid cucurbitacins. Mostly these have been bred out of commercially available pumpkins but very occasionally, these substances may be found in shop-bought produce. The higher the concentration of cucurbitacins, the more bitter the taste. Cooking does not remove them. Ingestion of the non-bitter plant material is unlikely to cause severe signs, but a mild GI upset is possible. Ingestion of bitter fruit or roots can cause more significant gastrointestinal signs, including abdominal pain, haemorrhagic diarrhoea and severe vomiting. There have also been reports of dehydration, collapse and elevated liver and renal enzymes.

If you have any concerns that your pet has ingested pumpkin please contact your veterinary surgeon. It is helpful to tell your vet whether the pumpkin is 'home grown' or shop bought.


~ We are pleased to once again be supporting the York Cats Protection Winter Neutering Scheme
This scheme enables those on low incomes, students, pensions or those receiving state benefits to register for a voucher to neuter their male or female cat for only £5.00 (Wound care collars and additional pain relief are not included in the neutering fee). The Cats Protection send vouchers direct to the practice and once these are received we can book in your cat for the procedure.The scheme is running from 3rd October to 10th December and your cat or kitten must be 4 months old at the time of the operation. The scheme is open to those with postcodes covered by the York Cats Protection (So Castleford, Pontefract, Hemsworth etc). If you think you may be eligible for a voucher please contact Gill on 01904 607909 or Margaret on 01904 659360 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialist Vets at Edinburgh University have confirmed they have identified Canine Distemper in a puppy presented to them from a Veterinary Practice in the North East of England. The puppy was thought to be infected from it's mother, who was transported from Bulgaria whilst pregnant with her four puppies. Two weeks later the mother became unwell and her four puppies later died, following infection with the Canine Distemper Virus. This is the first case in the UK for many years, however with the availability of the Pet Travel Scheme, this may not be an isolated event. 
The only way to ensure your dog is not at risk is to ensure they have regular vaccinations each year. Vaccinations also protect your dog from other life threatening diseases such as Leptospriosis, Parvo virus and Infectious Canine Hepatitis. In addition your dog also receives a full health check from the Vet, which can identify health problems sooner rather than later. Vaccinations can be restarted at any age if your dog has lapsed their boosters and is particularly advisable when you have an older pet as their immune system will be weakened. If you would like further information about vaccinating your pet please speak to one of our qualified vets or registered veterinary nurses for more details!
~ Our Puppy and Kitten Vaccination Course has just got even better!
From the beginning of February 2017 any puppy or kitten completing a vaccination course with Chantry Vets will be able to also claim a £5.00 neutering discount.
The vouchers are valid until your puppy is 12 mths of age (or your kitten is between 5 and 6 months of age) and can be used at any of our surgeries.  You can discuss routine neutering with any of our Vets or Qualified Nurses who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
If you would like to book in a puppy or a kitten for a vaccination course please CLICK HERE to Book an Appointment.
~ The International Society of Feline Medicine
Chantry vets have recently joined Internation Cat Care (formally the Feline Advisory Bureau) as Practice members.  ICC aims to engage and educate people throughout the world to improve the health and welfare of cats, by sharing advice and training. The Veterinary division of ICC (the International Society of Feline Medicine) provides cutting edge information to the veterinary profession. They publish dedicated feline specific journals and run international conferences aimed at improving the health and welfare of cats based on the best information and training.  Joining the ICC is part of our promise to offer the highest standards of care to our feline patients. 
~ Does Your Pet have Allergies?

Chantry Vets have many patients who suffer with allergies. To provide our clients with added value on our allergy testing service, AVACTA (our allergy screening Laboratory) have launched a new customer website. The information is focused on assisting clients whose pets have been diagnosed with an allergy at the Practice, or who may be suffering in silence.

Developed in line with their new SENSITEST brand, the aim of the website is to heighten the awareness of canine and feline allergies amongst the pet owning community. It aims to highlight some of the presenting signs and symptoms of allergic reactions and encourage owners who see some of these symptoms, to take their dog or cat to the Practice.

The site also includes a pet owner friendly post-test advice section, 'things to look out for' gallery and case studies from owners on their allergy journey. The diagnosis and management of allergies can be a long and difficult process and we believe this site will be a real asset to owners whose pets may be suffering from this frustrating illness. More info: Please CLICK HERE to Book an Appointment if you are worried about allergies and would like a consultation with a vet.

~ Would you like to be informed of recent outbreaks of Canine Parvo Virus in your area?
Sign up to the Twitter based parvo alert system online launched by Virbac Animal Health, @parvoalert. The company is asking vets and owners learning of a case to tweet the first half of the postcode where it occurs to @parvoalert, which Virbac will then retweet.
The service is free. Virbac product manger Simon Boulton said: "One of the problems in tackling canine parvovirus is that little information is shared on the frequency and location of cases so, in some ways, it's a hidden problem.We hope @parvoalert will help to raise awareness of the fact that CPV continues to represent a significant threat to unvaccinated dogs." Please remember that Parvo Virus can be vaccinated against as part of your dog's annual boosters. Chantry Vets offer low cost vaccinations year round. Please ask a member of staff if you require further advice or CLICK HERE to Book an Appointment if you need to restart your pet's vaccinations.
~ Thank you to the generous clients at Chantry Vets Gill's Yard Surgery!
Sharon Whittaker, Secretary for Royston Animal Welfare, would like to extend her thanks to the generous clients at Chantry Vets Gill's Yard Surgery. Sharon collected a sizeable donation which will be put to much needed use in providing food and veterinary attention for the dogs and cats currently in their care. Please see their webpage if you would like further information or are interesting in adopting a pet.
"A Passion for Pets and their People"