Many of the injured waifs and strays that come through our doors are lucky enough to find loving homes with staff members, their friends and family or even with our existing clients.
"We adopted Cleo the black Labrador in March 2013 when her elderly owner contacted Chantry Vets as he could no longer look after a growing puppy with so much energy and a habit of chewing everything in sight!  Her owner was at the end of his tether and was considering having her put to sleep. We decided to adopt her as we are used to the breed and we have found that plenty of toys and exercise are a good distraction from the chewing. She is now living very happily with her three new doggy brothers, and is firmly the boss as far as they are concerned."
Susannah Gilfoyle
"Here are Horace and Henry in their new homes! Both Guinea Pigs were abandoned outside Chantry Vets in Pontefract in the middle of Winter during snow. Horace had no front teeth & bald patches on his fur. They have made a lovely recovery, although Horace has missing teeth he eats well & his fur has grown back. They love being outdoors in their run & have a very happy pampered life now. The white guinea pig is Henry & the orange one is Horace."
Lisa Hayes
"Hanni was brought in as a cruelty case by the RSPCA, she had been left without food, water or human contact at the bottom of the garden. She had been living with her sister but unfortunatly she didnt survive. Hanni was very underweight and scared when she came to the Surgery. The RSPCA needed somewhere for her to go as all the rescue centres were full. As I had recently lost my rabbit Tidi, I decided to take her on. She is not the easiest rabbit as having no human contact makes her difficult to handle, but she is getting better each day and loves her food."
Lisa Gill
"Albert was found at roughly two weeks old, by a member of the public. He was spotted at the end of his garden, huddled under a bush. His mother and his litter mates were no where to be seen. I took him home that evening to bottle feed him and look after him through the night and five months later he still lives with me."
Liz Matthews
"Penny was found by a member of the Public; hiding in a wood bin on Bonfire Night.  She was approximately six weeks old and was surrounded by several other kittens, but unfortunately they had already died.  Penny was cold, hungry and had Cat Flu, she required medical treatment before she would be ready to rehome.  I took her home to foster and she ended up staying with me.  She is 3 years old now and very cute and loving, however when she comes to the vets for anything she turns into a little devil."
Lauren Bratt

"Hi everyone. My name is Bella. Around a year ago I was found running around a field with a piece of rope attached to my neck. I was scared and hungry and didn’t know why I was left there. A lovely member of the Public then found me and then brought me to Chantry Vets where I was looked after very well. I was fed and cared for. The day before I went to the Dog Warden, my new owner came into the vets (she works there) and was introduced to me. She decided that she really wanted me to be part of her family and I went to my forever home where I am loved and cared for. I love it there. I get fed, cuddles and lots of toys to run around and play with."  Alana Taylor


                                                  "A Passion for Pets and their People"