Computerised Tomography
CT or Computerised Tomography is an advanced and powerful form of x-ray machine which is used to produce a cross-sectional, or ‘slice’ image of the patient’s body.  With a CT scanner, the x-ray beam moves rapidly all around the patient, producing hundreds of scans and images from different angles.  Once the scan is complete, the computer processes all of the images and information to produce a 3-D image of the patient’s body.
The Burgess CT Scanner (www.burgessdiagnostics.com) visits the Alverthorpe Veterinary Surgery once a month & allows our veterinary team to perform a very detailed and thorough diagnostic imaging investigation for your pet.
The CT system is able to scan large sections of any region of the body in one continuous procedure.  It is able to provide a wide variety of diagnostic images to assist in the diagnosis of many conditions such as neoplasia (cancer) & any associated spread of cancer cells (metastases), musculoskeletal disorders and internal organs such as the liver, heart and lungs etc.
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