NEW CHANTRY VETS EMERGENCY SERVICE                                            

From JUNE 2013 · MONDAY to FRIDAY until 12am Midnight


From June 2013 our Alverthorpe Hospital will be open for emergencies until 12am Midnight (Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays).

Emergency consultation fee during this time will cost £60.00 inclusive of VAT. On Saturdays and Sundays, the Alverthorpe Hospital will remain open for general appointments and emergencies, from 9am to 6pm as previous. Many of our branch surgeries also have weekend opening times with NO weekend surcharges (please check our website or phone us for details).  

By extending our hours we hope to provide greater convenience and a better level of service to our clients. The Vets you will see during this time are our normal team of Veterinary Surgeons who work throughout our surgeries. There are no locums or temporary staff. Should you have any concerns about your pet, our staff will be available to take telephone calls during this time and can give advice and assistance as required.

We will be happy to provide emergency care for all pets from the Wakefield area, even if they are not already registered with the Practice.

After Midnight, Monday-Friday and after 6pm Saturday and Sunday, our Out of Hours provider Leeds Emergency Vets, will continue to provide our emergency care:
Monday – Friday: 12am – 8am
Saturday: 6pm – Sunday 8am
Sunday: 6pm – Monday 8am
In case of an emergency please phone the Alverthorpe Hospital 01924 362464 for assistance or alternatively please use the link below:

We took the decision to use Leeds Emergency Vets more than 10 years ago.The reason for this being that whilst we still provide full cover and continuous care for our in-patients throughout the night (24/7) and emergency service until midnight Mon-Fri, we did not want our Vets to become overworked and distracted from their patients during normal practice hours by providing around the clock cover for emergency situations. Our dedicated vets take enormous pride and responsibility in the care they give  during the normal working hours and emergency cover until midnight  Mon-Fri and we feel that we have found the right balance in providing emergency care for most of the time and still have our Vets performing their best in taking care of their patients.
The Leeds Emergency service is used by most good quality small to medium size practices in the area. They have dedicated vets allowing them to be fully focused on emergency cases. Should a pet presented at the Leeds  Emergency service require hospitalisation this will be done at the emergency clinic in Morley.
Leeds Emergency Vets in Morley transfer all medical records to us the following morning to ensure our vets are fully informed with regards to your pet’s treatment. The care of your pet will automatically transfer to us once our Practice reopens at 8am. We will arrange for the transfer of your pet from Morley to our main Veterinary Centre in Alverthorpe, until they are fit to be discharged.
We constantly monitor the service given by the emergency service and to date ours and our clients experience with them has been rated very highly.
"A Passion for Pets and their People"