Specialist Vets at Edinburgh University have confirmed they have identified Canine Distemper in a puppy presented to them from a Veterinary Practice in the North East of England. The puppy was thought to be infected from it's mother, who was transported from Bulgaria whilst pregnant with her four puppies. Two weeks later the mother became unwell and her four puppies later died, following infection with the Canine Distemper Virus. This is the first case in the UK for many years, however with the availability of the Pet Travel Scheme, this may not be an isolated event. The only way to ensure your dog is not at risk is to ensure they have regular vaccinations each year. Vaccinations also protect your dog from other life threatening diseases such as Leptospriosis, Parvo virus and Infectious Canine Hepatitis. In addition your dog also receives a full health check from the Vet, which can identify health problems sooner rather than later. Vaccinations can be restarted at any age if your dog has lapsed their boosters and is particularly advisable when you have an older pet as their immune system will be weakened. If you would like further information about vaccinating your pet please speak to one of our qualified vets or registered veterinary nurses for more details!





For more than 50 years Chantry Vets have been providing the high quality healthcare for small animals from our practices across West Yorkshire, which nowadays include a Hospital, 2 Vet Centres and 7 Surgeries. We are also the only family owned Veterinary Practice left in the Wakefield district and make a lot of effort to apply family values to our everyday work as well as providing a genuinely friendly and caring service to our patients and clients alike. 



Our new Veterinary Hospital is located at 180 Batley Road in Alverthorpe, WakefieldHere we can offer a broad range of Surgical and Medical procedures, supported by experienced and professional staff with 24 hour  on-site nursing support. We also have Veterinary Centres in Wakefield (Gill´s Yard) and Castleford (Church Street), plus supporting branch surgeries located in Normanton, Castleford, Outwood, Ossett, Middleton, Pontefract and Hemsworth.















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